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Some reassurance to our valued community

Dr. Batey and Bloom are reaching out to our community of patients to let you know you and your families are in our thoughts. After the first case of COVID 19 was reported in Oklahoma over a week ago, many aspects of our lives have and will continue to see significant change. We are aware of our responsibilities as licensed health care providers and are committed to following public health regulations that are in place. Our greatest responsibility is to the safety and health to you, our patients, and ourselves.  We are staying up to date on changes and recommendations coming from the CDC and the Oklahoma Health Department, and encourage you to do the same. See the below link for more information. 

We believe that we are a part of the solution in helping at this time of need. We are taking every measure seriously and doing so responsibly, mindfully and safely. We are increasing our protocols for sanitizing all high touch areas in the office beyond our usual OSHA standards.

  • All door handles, chairs, front desk surfaces, pens, etc are wiped down regularly

  • High-performance air purifiers are running in the office throughout the day to help with filtering and cleaning the air. 

  • The doctor's adjusting tables are being disinfected after every patient and the doctors are sanitizing hands between every patient.

  • Kid's play area and toys will be put away for the time being

Please call or text the office when arriving to limit our numbers in the office at one time. 

We encourage all of our patients to be taking precautions and using high hygienic standards during this time such as washing hands regularly and hand sanitizer in-between. 

Important self-care strategies we recommend are:

  • Eat a healthy diet- minimal to no processed foods, reduce or eliminate sugar consumption, avoid excess alcohol, focus on eating anti-inflammatory foods

  • Since 80% of your immune system is operating from your gut- make sure you are taking care of your digestive system- focus on pre- and probiotics, fermented foods, and hydration.

  • Get plenty of rest and sleep. The next few weeks will hold plenty of opportunities to slow down, assess and make change where needed. 

  • Drink plenty of clean water 

  • Support your immune system with chiropractic care, acupuncture, exercise, yoga and being outdoors.

  • Key vitamins to help boost your immunity: Vitamin D3, Zinc, colloidal silver, and Vitamin C 

  • Take care of your mindset. Our mind undoubtedly affects our physical and mental health. Positive self-talk and assurance are a must...above all be kind to your self and others. These can be stressful times and we need to be gentle with ourselves.

  • Learn and use stress management techniques- meditation, exercise, yoga, breath-work, mindfulness practices, being creative with art, listening to or playing music. The list can go on here and we are sure you have your favorite self-care and stress management is the perfect time to commit to putting these practices into play.

We are encouraging our patients to keep scheduled appointments. We will continue to be apart of the solution by keeping a place of calm and reassurance so that your healing can continue. We know that people under chiropractic care have optimal functioning immune systems...and we need to rely on and trust in our body's innate strength and resiliency especially now.  For anyone not feeling well, especially if you have a fever, cough or respiratory trouble, or have been in contact with someone who has recently been sick or traveled internationally, we would encourage you to check in with us over the phone first before coming into the office. Be assured that staff has not shown signs of illness ourselves and we have and continue to follow immune boosting lifestyle protocols. 

It is the choices we make every day for the benefit or detriment to our health, physically, mentally and spiritually. These circumstances and situations that arise are great reminders to really take care of ourselves and others....for the benefit of the whole. All of us can both simultaneously lower our fear and strengthen our body by practicing self-care. Remember that your body is your home, it is intelligent and resilient and strong, it is not something you need to be fearful of. Choose to do the things that will make your body a better place to live. Trust this process.

We are here for you and if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. Make sure to follow Legacy Family Chiropractic on Facebook and Instagram, we will have links to our YouTube channel where we will be posting videos to encourage health and wellness in these times. We are monitoring the situation closely and any changes that will affect the office or your care will be communicated as we make them. 

Wishing Health and Abundance,

Legacy Family Chiropractic Team

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