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is a philosophy, science, and art of things natural; a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column by hand only, for the correction of the cause of dis-ease.
                                                                    -Dr. Palmer


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​Our mission at Legacy Family Chiropractic is to uplift and empower people by providing self-healing care and offering a variety of comprehensive health education.

One must understand that the spine houses the nervous system, which is the literal life force that supplies every cell in our body. If we have a properly functioning spine, then we will have a healthy functioning nervous system, which will provide optimum health. If our nervous system is not working optimally, due to spinal misalignments, this can cause a series of events that can lead to injury, disease, and illness. The chiropractic adjustment removes these misalignments, thereby removing interference to the nervous system, enhancing health and well being.

For over 15 years, we have been offering specialized care and individualized adjustments to our communities, and we have built our name by providing quality care in a warm and friendly environment. Our treatment is individualized for you and your specific health needs such as lower back pain and more. Our goal is to make treatment accessible for everyone.

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Insurance? No Insurance? No Problem!

We believe that everyone deserves affordable chiropractic care. At Legacy Family Chiropractic, we offer payment plans that will work for you. Take advantage of a complimentary consultation to see how chiropractic can change your life!

Common Insurances & Discounts Accepted


United Healthcare


Military Discount

First Responder Discount

VA - authorization required

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All patient insurance eligibility and benefits will ONLY be ran in person. It is our policy that we do not discuss insurance information over the phone.

We accept all major credit cards, ATM cards, cash, and personal checks.

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