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Low Back & Sciatic Pain


Multiple studies have shown that low back pain may be responsible for more medical visits than other medical complaint in the United States. On average it is estimated that millions of miss hours of work and billions of dollars are spent as a result of dealing with low back pain. 


The cause of these issues is often the result of nerve impingement which comes from the pressure of bone upon nerves in the spine. Pain is the immediate and direct result. But also over time toxins can build and increased inflammation can occur which leads to progressively worsening issues. 

Did you know...

Dr. Bloom has the skills and treatment options to address your back pain issues without the use of harmful drugs, injections or surgery. He does this with the help of thorough and comprehensive exam that includes an analysis of your medical history, x-rays and a deep understanding of the human anatomy. He will then develop a treatment plan tailored to correcting your issues through a series of targeted adjustments to naturally help the body realign and begin to heal.

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