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Chiropractic Care - Pediatrics

Children experience rapid growth and development during the few years of life. It is a time when musculoskeletal growth occurs quickly and often in ‘spurts’, putting stress on their young bodies. Though children may not experience pain or obvious complications from musculoskeletal injuries, even the tiniest subluxations may worsen and cause pain later in life if left untreated. Fortunately, children generally respond faster and more effectively to chiropractic treatment than adults do, and early treatment may also help prevent spine and nerve problems that could become symptomatic in the future.

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Did you know...

Chiropractic care is appropriate for children of all ages? Though the techniques for pediatric chiropractic treatment vary, the premise of care is the same for a 1-year old as it is for a 100-year old. Many parents choose to bring their infants to the chiropractor for adjustments shortly after the birthing process, which is physically demanding for newborns. Other activities that can cause subluxation in children include learning to crawl, learning to walk and sitting up without support for long periods of time.

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